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Semesterly Report Fall 2011

Redefine PossibleDear Friends of Impossible Challenges,

I would like to start off by thanking everyone who has been involved in Impossible Challenges over the past year. Each one of you played a part in turning a vague idea into an organization with concrete plans and well-defined goals.

At the beginning of the semester, my officers and I started a recruitment campaign, and our membership now totals almost 40. We started off the semester with the idea that we wanted to put something in space, as well as build a moving sculpture to help recruit prospective students to the engineering department. We now have detailed schematics and a plan of action for both the moving sculpture, now named the Windwalker, and the satellite launch mechanism, named the Delphiki Toss. We presented our satellite idea at the 2011 Elevator Pitch Competition and won the $1000 first prize sponsored by the Houston Entrepreneur’s Organization.

This upcoming semester, we will use that $1000 to complete the Windwalker, as well as begin the first round of tests for the Delphiki Toss. We will also be seeking out financial support and an industry partner to continue with the testing of various components of the Delphiki Toss. You can follow our progress throughout the semester on our website at http://impossiblechallenges.rice.edu. With a combination of hard work, dedication, and your continued support, we hope to have something on the ground and something in the air by the end of the semester.

Thank you again for all your support,
The Impossible Challenges Officer Team


David Sullivan
Founder and President


Joe Anderson
Vice President


Andrew Amis
Project Manager: Microsatellite Project


Ryan Dewey
Project Manager: Windwalker Project


Elevator Pitch Competition


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